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Specialist Glass

Antique Mirror Rage

We are happy to be able to offer the biggest range of Antique mirrors available on the market. If we don’t have it in stock we can source it. Antique mirrors are becoming a very popular alternative to coloured glass splashbacks.

Bevelled Mirrors

We can supply & fit mirrors to any size including bevelling to 40mm wide. We have an extensive range in stock.

Digitally printed Stone Glass Images

As with our digitally printed images this glass goes through the same process. The advantage is that if it is ever damages it can be replaced with an identical piece.

Magnetic Coloured & Digitally Printed Glass

Magnetic glass boards are prefect for boardrooms, schools and offices. Products are 100% bespoke and made using our years of knowledge within the glazing industry. Our unique make up of glass allows you to use any board marker pens to make notes with the added assistance of being magnetic you can neatly keep track of any upcoming invitations or important notices.

All of our products are recyclable and our paints are made up of eco-friendly water based resin.

Fabric in Glass

Fabric laminated gives you the opportunity to encapsulate a rich selection of fabrics within the protective glass layers, Using regular woven cloth, delicately constructed textiles or printed fabrics combines the beauty, colour, and texture of the fabric with the structural strength and practicality of glass.

Glass Cracked Ice

It never fails to impress, the glass is made up of five layers, leaving a smooth edge.This product is suitable for ( wall cladding , furniture , reception desks, shower screens, island units )

Glass Wall Cladding

Painted wall cladding is the perfect choice for covering wall in, wet rooms, showers and bathrooms. Panel sizes allow you to cover large areas in one piece which sets any room to stunning effects.

Glass Laminated Meshes

Glass Laminated Wire Mesh is a great visually pleasing choice for wall partitioning. An array of

Glass panels with laser cut laminated wood sycamore veneer

Wood is a natural material that creates a very serene atmosphere. Glass Laminated Wood Veneer offers UV and anti-glare protection.

Liquid Crystal Glass

Intimacy or privacy at the flick of a switch. Your window on the future! For those times when you would like to be shielded from view.

Glass Aluminium Foam

Glass Laminated Aluminium Foam offers a dramatic and beautiful surface which is extremely safe as well as architecturally stunning.

Glass Laminated Stone

Glass Laminated Stone, translucent composite panels comprise of a thin marble or onyx veneer, laminated to clear glass.

Products and Services provided by SimplyGlass Splashbacks

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• Digitally printed Glass Splashbacks on Dupont system
• Glass Worktops
• Glass Balustrades
• Glass Splashback Mirrors
• Glass Shower Enclosures
• Glass Pool Enclosures
• Glass Door Systems
• Glass Frameless Door Systems
• Glass Frameless Conservatories
• Glass Bespoke Design
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