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Glass Splashbacks now preferred by London kitchen fitter

Posted by on Feb 18, 2013 in Blog |

Glass Splashbacks now preferred by London kitchen fitter

We got a phone call recently from a kitchen installer who is based in London. He was put on to us by his client who had requested glass splashbacks in the bespoke luxury kitchen. Whilst on the phone he said he couldn’t understand what the big deal was with glass splashbacks… well, now we’re happy to say he uses them wherever he can! Here is why his London client wanted them:

The first thing we spoke about was that they are Easy to clean: Glass splash backs are very easy to maintain and can be cleaned by a damp cotton cloth. Once wiped, they look as good as new. Less hassle cleaning equals good news in our book. Being polished, smooth and very flat dirt and germs have no place to hide – and wiping glass splash backs simply isn’t a chore.  You might not like to consider all the cleaning and relentless scrubbing tasks that are usually endured when choosing your new bathroom or kitchen, especially how the new materials and the modern designs often look as though they’ll always stay that way, but it only takes a couple of enthusiastic recipes, a bubbling stew or an electric mixer to create a major cleaning nightmare and cause havoc over kitchen worktops and splashbacks. Quite simply glass splashbacks offer an unrivalled level of ease when it comes to keeping them clean and looking great. Not only does it take a lot less effort to keep them clean, but it also takes a lot less time, and the results are usually wonderful and stunningly sparkling!

london kitcehn glass splashbacks

Glass splash backs are available in all colours ranging from transparent to black. This means that they lend them selves wonderfully to all styles of kitchen – from traditional country to modern London city styles. They are quick and easy to install and do not have the hassle that tiling, grouting or other traditional methods have. If you want the modern look then even with a traditional style glass splashbacks helps lend them a modern outlook. Most of the glass splashes are toughened to tolerate higher temperatures and care needs to be taken when buying them. Need more light in  the kitchen? We have Glass splashes that are translucent and just like mirrors; they reflect a lot of light into the kitchen making it a brighter place. If used on the walls opposite the lighting source or window, the reflection of light from the splashes adds to the vibrancy of the kitchen.

So then if you are ever thinking of updating your kitchen or starting a new design from stretch and want not only the best look but also the easiest to live with then do consider glass splashbacks and give us a call as I am sure just like our friend, the kitchen installer in London, glass splashbacks are the way to go – it can’t be more clear than that.