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Glass splashbacks for London Kitchen

Posted by on Mar 14, 2013 in Blog |

Glass splashbacks for London Kitchen

I wanted to share with you Feedback I received from a recent kitchen glass splashback installation job we did in London. We heard from Jane in January when she said to us that she couldn’t cope with another Christmas in her gloomy kitchen. After close consultation with Jane we gave her all the information she needed to make an informed decision as to how create what she wanted. Living the busy London lifestyle meant Jane wanted her kitchen glass splash backs installed hassle free. When we arrived we saw that her kitchen was a compact gallery style with beautiful kitchen units which couldn’t be seen easily due to her kitchen having limited light, and that kitchen glass splashbacks would compliment her London kitchen as they’d add reflective light, be easy and quick to clean along with looking ultra modern. As you can read Jane was very happy with her kitchen glass splashbacks, this is the letter we received from her:

“When I initially moved into my flat in London it didn’t take long for that dark, gloomy and grey galley kitchen to depressed the hell out of me. It is now my favourite room thanks to you all at simply glass splashbacks. Thanks for installing my new kitchen glass splashbacks, the installation was fast, easy and thorough. Now I spend so much more time in my kitchen and it now shines and bedazzles me. It reminds me of an Aladdin’s cave with its jewel like qualities with lots of light being reflected around the room – it simply looks awesome and in my early starts I sometimes wonder whether it’s my kitchen… but it is! I feel uplifted and it makes me smile when I make my morning coffee. Simply splash backs reflective quality makes my London kitchen feel twice the size as it is. The glass splashbacks reflect light around the room giving a feeling of real depth as well as finally being able to see everything clearly and have since realized that the lack of light was contributing to me being tired as I was straining my eyes to function safely in the kitchen. My friends and family can’t believe the change, they are that impressed that some of them are now thinking of fitting  glass splash backs and joining in the club. I look forward to seeing what you do for them.” Jane B, Putney.

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Here at simply glass splash backs we get lots of feedback like this. We install splash backs all around London, Essex, Kent and all the way up to Cambridgeshire. Why don’t you join the club and think about installing beautiful kitchen glass splash backs. We often get asked how many colours are available, well the only limit is your imagination as we can create kitchen glass splashbacks to any colour or even a picture that you supply can be added on the glass. just give us a call and we’d be happy to help.