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Glass Splashbacks and their beauty

Posted by on Jun 18, 2013 in Blog |

Glass splashbacks are making a comeback and are growing in popularity in the last few years. People choose kitchen glass splashbacks because of their beauty and their many advantages. They serve three essential functions: they help to protect walls form food stains and splashes; they look attractive; and they help in maintaining hygiene where people cook and serve food.

There are a lot of reasons why they are popular kitchen addition:

- Strong and stable – Glass is a durable and attractive material, and there are many ways to make it suit the décor of any home. The best splashbacks are made of toughened clear or low iron glass, manufactured using a special process that makes it heat resistant and safe to cook next to.

- Tailor made – customise glass splashbacks to fit the area and give kitchens a classy feel. This also includes cutting spaces for pipes and corners. You can get medium tiles, large panels, or small tiles in a spectrum of colours. Each look is unique, and we allow you to design your own.

- Attractive and colourful – With our glass splashbacks, you’ll find a surprising range and variety of designs and colours. You can also choose to have embedded lighting, as well as clear or frosted glass.

- Easy to maintain – Glass is a non-porous material. Because there are no gaps, it is the best choice for a kitchen. A quick spray of glass cleaner and a wipe is all it takes to keep the kitchen clean and tidy.

- Safe to use – Because joined panels fit perfectly, you don’t have to worry about moisture seeping in. This eliminates the threat of house moulds and other growths that can cause danger to you and your loved ones’ health.

- Quick installation – Our fitters fit glass splashbacks quickly and easily.

- Long lasting – Our work and glass splashbacks are guaranteed 10 years. This is a good investment for home owners who want a safe and beautiful kitchen.

Thinking about tiles instead of glass splahbacks? Between the two, tiles are the traditional choice. Many types of tiles are available for your kitchen and bathroom spaces. Ceramic tiles are comparably less expensive than other types. Apart from that, they’re easy to clean and resistant to water and stains.

You can encounter many problems with ceramic tiles, however. The wet grout lines can be hard to clean. They can also chip when you knock it accidentally with a hard object. Cracks can appear if they are laid on bumpy underlay.

Glass Splashbacking Material: The Trendier and More Convenient Option

Glass splashbacks, unlike tiles, allows you to enjoy all the benefits of tile backing. It is both decorative and functional as it prevents water from damaging the underlying wall. Splashbacks are also easy to clean, even when streaked with oil and grease. They resist stains, which is helpful especially if you prefer low-maintenance options. You don’t need to worry about muck and soapy layers forming on your splashbacks. The smooth surface prevents the dirt from sticking.

Decorative Fittings for Fine Rooms

Apart from its easy-to-clean feature, glass can blend with almost any décor. The way they reflect light can brighten your kitchen more. This is especially useful when your kitchen lack natural lighting. With glass, you can also choose between different jewel tones, including light and dark shades of red, blue, green, and others.

If you want something custom made, we can create your preferred glass patterns, photos or look for your splashbacks. Our Fitters ensure you get a snug fit with smooth lines.

Durable Fixture Resilient to Temperature and Impacts

You may have concerns when it comes to glass, which can easily break and cause injury. With our glass splashbacks, you can avoid these problems. We use toughened glass, instead of ordinary splashback designs. The tempered glass can resist heat well and not break apart. It’s also counters impacts and won’t easily break across sockets or corners. Call us today and let us show you that you want simply glass splashbacks.