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Coloured Splashbacks for Office Lobby

Posted by on May 9, 2013 in Blog |

Coloured Splashbacks for Office Lobby

How many offices have you been into that look boring? I know I have been in loads! Generally they are always the same, similar flooring and similar neutral coloured walls with the same ‘inspiration’ or ‘achievement’ pictures dotted here and there. I have always found them to be an oxymoron after all if your want to achieve the look of a modern, fresh inspiring place of work that attracts high achievers then coloured glass splashbacks ought to be in your arsenal of office interior design; not a pot of magnolia paint.

They don’t need to be flat coloured or plain, you can supply us with the exact design or our designers can work with you to come up with that unique look. When done properly we think that there is nothing that can quite beat it. Not only does it look good and save money on the cleaning expenses due to the less time it takes to clean them, it also reflects lots more light around the office. Nice looking offices lead to happier staff and happier staff work better, pull ‘sickies’ less and tend to stay in the workplace longer and thus become loyal members of your team.

We have installed coloured glass splashbacks across a number of offices now and our customers agree that they look amazing, in particular in the reception lobby where they have the subtle effect that reinforces your customers good decision of using you, as the coloured glass splashback spell out quality and have a class about them that you won’t find elsewhere.

Also remember that the use of internal glazed screens can greatly enhance an interior space by bringing in additional light and creating a sense of open space. Glass walls can be used to create a stylish and contemporary interior and offer a flexible solution. They can be used to great effect to create new rooms or divide an existing space. Internal glazed screens can also be used to create corridors. Apart from the aesthetic qualities of glass, internal glazed screens are easy to fit with minimum disruption and they can also be dismantled and re-erected should it be necessary to reconfigure the office space.

Our stunning coloured glass panels can be made in any colour and to any size to suit your glass splashback or glass panel requirements. For the amazing office look graphic images can be manufactured into the glass panels, all you have to do is select an image or design one or have us work with you to find something suitable.

The coloured glass used is toughened for heat and is impact resistant. Holes or cut-outs (for electrical sockets for example) can be easily incorporated, as can shapes. We fit thoroughly and it doesn’t take long either mean the whole process is really hassle free. So please give us a call or contact us and we can take it from there.